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Nido di Bacco is the name of the Bed & Breakfast located in Castellar.
Several rooms are available for visiting our beautiful valley and taste the flavours and scents of our foods .

More than thousand years ago the monk of Saint Colombano implanted the first vines on the sunny coasts of the Val Bronda. After then the marquises of Saluzzo gave their impulse in the cultivation of the vine, in particular of the native Pelaverga, from which a noble wine is gained, and thanks to Daisy of Foix, known also at the papal cookhouse of Giulio II. In this gulf protect from the Monviso, with a microclimate that helps the cultivations, from the grapevine to the fruit to olive trees,are located the vineyards of Emidio Maero, author of well known doc wines of Saluzzesi Hills. Maero makes its wine in its modern wine cellar of Castellar the classic Pelaverga, the rosato and now also the version of sparkling “bollicine” rosé. But if the Pelaverga is the brand of the house, others vines of secular ampelographic tradition concur to enrich the unique wine production for flavour and scent: Barbera, Chatus, Neiretta, Bibieras give life to selected productions of Maniero and Pergiorgia, wines for reals connoisseurs. The production is completed with the passiti wines for meditation: the blond Ego that reminds the delight of the Sauternes for the Botrytis process and the red Pater that gives off all the scents of the small fruits of val the Bronda. And then there is the absolute jewel, the “Provana of the Sabbione”, the wine reborn at the Castle of the Manta in september 2009. The ancient vineyard of the manor has been replaced in function, from Emidio Maero in tandem with the “conte” Carl de Rege, son of the “contessa Elisabetta Provana del Sabbione” who in 1983 has donated her castle to Fai. The old-new label has quickly provoked great interest, in Italy and outside. A growing way, the one of Maero family, strictly connected to the good food and the agricultural products. The Ivano brother, following the plans of mother and papa, manages the restaurant “La Torre di Brondello, original location of the Maero family. The parents, in order to keep itself in form, specialized themself in the cultivation of bilberry, from which a optimal juices and marmellate are produced, and a “grappa” of great taste, as long as the grappa to the ramassin, the sweet typical plum of the valley.

Azienda agricola Maero Emidio - Via Provinciale, 12 - Castellar 12030 (CN) - Tel: +39 0175 46603 Fax: 0175 46603 - P.iva: 02668460047 - C.Fisc: 02668460047